Two Layer Rule


As I was cleaning out, I discovered that if I had to rummage through more than two layers of things in a cabinet, drawer, or closet to find something I would end up a bit annoyed and stressed out. So, I made it a goal to allow myself two layers of things in my kitchen drawers, pantry, closet, and etc.

I combed through each space that needed to surrender to the two layer rule and asked myself “what can be tossed to make it two layers?” Or, I searched for another storage option if I couldn’t get rid of anything.

It’s made a huge difference when I’m looking for things on the fly. Who knew that an overpacked utensil drawer could cause so much stress?!

2 thoughts on “Two Layer Rule

  1. This is great! Thank you for sharing your experience and ideas. Over Thanksgiving I tackled a very small corner of my apartment and it felt great to have it organized and to throw away and recycle a bunch of stuff I didn’t need! The kitchen is next on my list. Thanks for the inspiration!

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