That, friends, is a loosely packed U-Haul trailer.

We moved! Hooray! Rob accepted a great job opportunity in Minneapolis and we moved a couple weeks ago. We love the area and all of the great things there are to experience here.

Thankfully, we were able to find a place to live relatively fast, but our final living space decision was a bit tough to make.

We had the option of renting a spacious townhouse or a smaller, one-bedroom apartment that was a bit closer to Rob’s office. We viewed the one-bedroom apartment first and while it was updated and in a great location I really wanted to see the townhouse since it was bigger and looked more like a real house.

The townhouse was really appealing. It had a beautiful front entrance, large garage, two bedrooms, three bathrooms, tons of storage, and a great backyard. It was also located away from the city where I felt like we could breathe a bit. It felt like a dream come true.

We only had two days to decide where to live so we had to quickly weigh out the pros and cons. At first, my list was superficial; pretty vs. ugly, functional vs. non-functional, house vs. apartment. It wasn’t until I dug a bit deeper and was honest with myself about the long-term, daily stresses that the townhouse would include that my dream house didn’t seem so dreamy after all.

Townhouse Con 1: Not Minimal – It had so much extra room that we would be tempted to accumulate more things to trip over, clean, and organize. More stuff equals stress.

Townhouse Con 2: Financial Burden – Rent would have been similar to the one-bedroom apartment, but we would be tempted to spend money to furnish the extra space. A longer commute would have required more money for gas as well.

Townhouse Con 3: Too Much Cleaning – Since I seriously despise the constant cycle of housework the extra floors to vacuum, and windows to wash, and two extra bathrooms to clean didn’t sound appealing.

Townhouse Con 4: Stressful Commute – There was only one highway out of the town and it was heavily congested during rush hour. Not fun.

As Rob and I discussed our options we couldn’t bring ourselves to accept the list of stressful cons that the townhouse brought with it. So, we came to the relieving conclusion that we would choose the beautiful little one-bedroom apartment that we initially looked at. It felt like I was letting go of my dream, but we were convinced that the more efficient, modest apartment was a better choice for our minds, time, and wallet.

So…. you guessed it! We had to get rid of MORE things before we moved into the small apartment.

FullSizeRender (1)
Only a fraction of what we threw out!

“Operation fit into the small apartment” included selling or giving away a large dresser, night stand, desk, office chair, coffee table, microwave, seven bookshelves, kitchen island, folding table, two air conditioners, two stools, printer, large cooler, two rugs, lamp, and other unused or broken items. It was a relief to loosely pack a small U-Haul trailer without all of the extra stuff. We even received minimalist compliments from the guys that helped us move into our new apartment. Yes family/friends, go look out your window. I can assure you that pigs are flying.

FullSizeRender (6)
Our new apartment!

What a liberating change. A year ago, I would have drooled over a spacious townhouse. I am so thankful that we chose the one-bedroom apartment. Feeling “moved in” took roughly three days rather than two years. And, since the space doesn’t require me to spend extra time cleaning and organizing, I’ve had time to spend focusing on more important things.

Making time for more important things.

So cheers to a changed heart and learning how to make “home” wherever we live.

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