The Junk Monster [Drawer]


Yikes, the junk monster [drawer] – the most convenient place to hide little items. We all have them. They’re so friendly and helpful at times until there’s a rush to get out the door and then they bear their ugly monster teeth; biting fingers with office supplies, swallowing missing keys, and refusing to close without jamming. I swear they snarl.

I was tired of the stress our junk monster created, so I got rid of it and replaced it with a pretty little bowl that sits near our front door. It still functions as a catch-all, but it doesn’t attack when we reach in to grab the keys. Sometimes it gets cluttered with things like receipts, pens and mail, but since the bowl’s out where everyone can see it, I’m much more apt to put those things where they belong right away.

The same concept can be applied to other areas. Any hidden storage space has the potential of functioning as a type of junk drawer. Opting for a storage system that exposes clutter can be really helpful to stay on top of the constant clutter cycle.

Small, proactive efforts like these help make our little home feel more physically and mentally spacious since things don’t go missing as often, drawers don’t create stress, and cleaning up doesn’t take as much time as it used to.


7 thoughts on “The Junk Monster [Drawer]

  1. I have a basket by my door for the same purpose. It holds keys, chapstick, receipts, coupons and other small things that I need as I run out the door. I have other drunk drawers and hidden places as well, but the basket helps keep the monster at bay!

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    1. Hi, Sarah! What’s a drunk drawer?πŸ˜† Sometimes I can’t stand autocorrect πŸ™„ I just used this idea, too! Love you ❀️


  2. Thanks for sharing this idea! I just “minimized” the top of my dog’s crate (big dog, big crate) today. I made it look all pretty and used your bowl idea for keys, phone, wallet! I’m really hoping this helps me avoid losing these all the time!!! I would send a pic but I don’t know how. Thanks a lot, Becky!

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    1. Woohooo, so glad to hear!! I also love that this method lets me a enjoy and appreciate one of my favorite pottery bowls more than if it was just sitting on a shelf. So many great payoffs! πŸ™‚


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