Light and Minimal – A New Name


You may have noticed that my blog name has changed!

“A Modest Home” was a perfect name for this blog while I was exploring the initial stages of minimalism a while back. Although recently, it’s become obvious to me that my home hasn’t been the most impacted by the energy and space that minimalism creates—rather my mental space, health, people, and hearts have been.

So, my goals have naturally been shifting away from fixating on (less) stuff, since minimalism is merely a tool, and more towards a desire to simply be light. Meaning: making choices that allow me to be agile, have a light impact on the environment, our finances, and unnecessary stresses, and give me space to focus my energy on priorities. “Light and Minimal” reflects this broader goal.

A new name for a new season of this blog—one that’s a little more adventurous, creative, and hopefully inspiring to let go of unnecessary weights to pursue light and life.


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