10 Items I Don’t Own

Note the lack of nightstands.

Over the past few years minimalism has helped me remove things that hinders my ability to focus on priorities. Here’s a short list of ten things that I’ve chosen to ditch while curating a simple, efficient home as well as the intent and thought process behind them.

  1. Toaster: You might think I’m crazy—actually I think I’m crazy—for not owning a toaster, but after realizing that it was hogging too much valuable cabinet space and was rarely used, I passed it along to someone who needed it. Not owning a toaster also prevents me from loading up on English muffins (my fav) and if we want toast we just simply turn on the oven or heat up the cast iron skillet.
  2. Game/Movie Packaging: We’re not huge board game people, but we do have a couple games on-hand. Since we don’t play them often, I didn’t want the large packages to take up an unnecessary amount of space in our closet so I recycled all of the boxes and inserts. Now all of our games fit in a small box in the closet. We’ve also freed up a lot of space by housing all of our movies in a CD case and recycling the cases.
  3. Nightstands: They were a major clutter contributor since they were a convenient place to dump things. They also required constant dusting and it was difficult to vacuum around them. Now, anything that’s left on the floor is immediately put away in it’s real home.
  4. Extra Sheets: We only have one set of sheets for our bed. Since we have less clothing and laundry overall it means that washing the sheets is an easier task and we don’t need an extra set to put on the bed while the others are in line for the laundry. They’re washed and put right back on. Same goes for our towels. We have two bath towels and two pool towels, which also serve as guest towels.
  5. Junk Drawer: Every single item we own has a logical home so there’s really no need for us to have a catch-all drawer. It makes it much easier to find things in a pinch because things are returned to their homes instead of rolling around in an over-packed drawer of random homeless stuff. And, if a trinket comes into our space and we can’t find a logical home for it or it doesn’t serve a purpose, out it goes. We do have a pottery bowl that sits on the counter near the door that collects our keys and sunglasses, and because it’s out in the open, we’re quick to put any accumulating miscellaneous items back where they belong.
  6. Nicknacks: It really reduces the overall clutter, dusting is easier and less time-consuming, reduces the need for organizing, and it’s easier to focus on and love the carefully curated items that remain. This includes candles, random pieces of art that don’t mean anything to me, home decor that doesn’t serve a purpose, and souvenirs. Meaningful objects are stored in a memory box, which I sort through once a year and eliminate excess or things that don’t spark joy, and candles are stored in a specific box in the closet.
  7. Hair curler: I’ve found that curling my hair took too much time and I gradually stopped using a curler. A french twist or braid is pretty, quick, and doesn’t damage my hair.
  8. Wrapping paper: We only purchase wrapping paper for Christmas and make sure to use all of it so it doesn’t kick around in the closet. For other events, we use gift bags purchased for specific occasions, recycled paper bags, or give gift cards.
  9. Fridge magnets: Keeping our fridge clear of magnets, pictures, reminders, etc. reduces visual clutter in our small kitchen. I found that after a while the clutter on our fridge became commonplace and I didn’t really even see it. Reminders can be set on our phones and I’ll just take picture with my phone of important things like wedding invitations.
  10. A million cleaning supplies: Not only are common household cleaners expensive, but many of them are also quite toxic and take up a lot of space. To reduce the amount of toxins and to simplify my cleaning routine I replaced all of our cleaners (that marketers tell us we need) with a simple, low-tox all-purpose spray. It works great on counters, windows, and even the bathroom. Instead of using expensive, space-hogging paper towels I use a handful of old t-shirt rags and store them near the spray bottle. I also use baking soda as an abrasive from time-to-time. Instead of taking up a whole closet, my cleaning supplies now fit perfectly under the kitchen sink, where I use them most.

8 thoughts on “10 Items I Don’t Own

  1. We’ve gone from a 1200 sq ft house to being able to fit everything into a 5’×10′ locker!! Talk about a freeing experience!! There honestly isn’t anything I miss from all the stuff we gave away/sold. I will admit giving away more than half my sewing stash was painful but I currently am working on 5 quilts and 8 baby dresses so honestly don’t need more material for about the next year!!
    I also don’t have a toaster . . we use the burner on the gas stove.

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