Thinking Outside-the-Box, Literally

My husband and I aren’t huge game people, but we like to keep a few on-hand that keep us busy on slow winter evenings and are fun to play with friends.

I grew tired of feeling like our games were consuming too much visual and physical space since the boxes were bulky and brightly colored. We also had other hobbies that needed to more storage room, like craft supplies and photography equipment. I started toying with the idea of getting rid of the games all together. But, I think that would have been a bad idea since there’s just no replacement for a good, solid game. Sometimes getting rid of a portion of something and keeping the part that means the most can be super effective on its own.

So instead of getting rid of them, I removed the bulky packaging and fit them all in one cute little box. We did something similar with most of our DVD collection by recycling the cases and fitting the disks in a smaller leather case.

I think we bought these little photo boxes from Michaels for $2 a piece and they’ve been the perfect size for fitting things like our games, receipts, and even Nerf guns (something else that occupies us during the winter. Also, I have a surprisingly good Nerf shot).


The caveat here is that we don’t play games that often. Some people love games and their collection might require a whole closet, and that’s ok! Minimalism or simple-living isn’t necessarily about living “without”. It’s about simplifying or removing the excess so that the things that bring the most life, joy, and necessity can be prioritized with more of our mental faculties.

Sometimes thinking outside the box (like totally ditching the bulky boxes) goes a long way to providing just a little more brain power to something more worthwhile!

Simply, Becky

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