Storing Sentimental Things

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This is my memory box. It fits perfectly under our bed and houses all of my favorite sentimental items. Currently, it stores old photographs, journals, doodles, shells, things from our wedding, sweet notes, and things from my high school and college days.

To save space and minimize clutter, I reduced the amount of sentimental or memory items to one box. I thought that I would miss the things that didn’t make the cut, but I found the opposite to be true—especially with this box system.

I wrote this blog post earlier about decluttering my childhood things. The crazy thing is that my stuff just sat there in my parents’ attic without seeing the light of day for years. I forgot about much of it. The more sentimental stuff I stored, the less time I spent enjoying it.

Now, since the smallish box easily overflows with things I save each year, like wedding invitations and Christmas cards, I am forced to declutter it. This give me the opportunity to enjoy its contents all over again. Instead of stashing away my nostalgic things in a pile of forgotten, dusty boxes, this little storage box provides me with the freedom to both keep and spend time with all of my meaningful things at once.

Simply, Becky

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3 thoughts on “Storing Sentimental Things

  1. I have ten boxes of nostalgia for my ten kids. Would like to display them in an attractive way. Have thought about hatboxes but can’t seem to settle on anything that matches and satisfies me. Any tips?

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    1. Hi!! Great question! If you access these boxes often, I might suggest filling a closet or shelf that’s easy to get to with rectangular boxes that are similar color to the closet or shelf they sit on. I find that storing like-colors with like-colors and removing excess clutter from around items highlights what remains in a relaxed, beautiful way. Rectangular boxes will maximize space and will reduce bending papers and photos. Inexpensive photo boxes are my favorite ($2.50 at Michaels), but they might be a little small for what you’re looking for. A sealed plastic box might be best at keeping papers away from humidity and pests over time. These white plastic storage totes from Target ( or these lacquered boxes from The Container Store ( might work. I’ll keep my eye out for other options!


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