Christmas Decorations


Although the Christmas season is one of my favorite times of the year I never enjoy kicking Christmas decoration boxes around in storage over the summer months, digging the decorations out of the back of the closet when we need them, and worst of all finding broken ornaments in a box that was smashed.


This year, we replaced our space-hogging glass bulbs with decorations that could be shatterproof and easily stored or recycled. We made collapsable paper ornaments and a handful of white clay icicles which require very little room to store. Our tree was simple but beautiful.

Minus the tree skirt (a white drop cloth from Lowes) and the tree stand, the picture above is now our entire stash of Christmas decorations. We’ve decided that all other decor items must be recycled or given away at the end of the season.

Other seasonal decorations: I either don’t have time to decorate for the season or am just too lazy to put much together. Instead, we have more time to enjoy sitting outside during the last fall days or getting outside to enjoy the muddy North Dakota spring.

*Sigh* the freedom from seasonal storage clutter.

Two Layer Rule


As I was cleaning out, I discovered that if I had to rummage through more than two layers of things in a cabinet, drawer, or closet to find something I would end up a bit annoyed and stressed out. So, I made it a goal to allow myself two layers of things in my kitchen drawers, pantry, closet, and etc.

I combed through each space that needed to surrender to the two layer rule and asked myself “what can be tossed to make it two layers?” Or, I searched for another storage option if I couldn’t get rid of anything.

It’s made a huge difference when I’m looking for things on the fly. Who knew that an overpacked utensil drawer could cause so much stress?!