A TV-Free January


With January 1st right around the corner, I’ve been considering what I want next year to look like. I’m not typically one for New Years resolutions, probably because I typically set my expectations too high, but this past year we set a simple goal of traveling more and totally nailed it. All we had to do was buy plane tickets and the rest was history! Even though our goal was simple, it led to great things like being inspired to learn about other cultures, explore, and take time for ourselves.

So, I’m psyched to see how my simple 2018 goal plays out — to lean into creativity and explore whatever tickles my imagination. As a creative, I’m always looking for an excuse to frivolously run around art museums, observe, research, and connect with other artists. It’s prefect timing since I turn the big 3-0 next fall and it will be an inspiring way to close out my 20’s and launch myself into a new season!

To kick-start this, I’m declaring a TV-free January. January is my heaviest tv-watching month because… snow, and it feels a bit radical and crazy to turn it off. My only exception is a couple movie dates with my husband, but I’m officially declaring war on binge-watching to have more space to learn and create.

Alternatively, I’ll be forcing walkability in the freezing Minneapolis burbs by walking down side roads to Starbucks, dreaming, playing, planning, and learning! And, blogging — lots and lots of blogging! So excited — stay tuned for updates!

What goals are you thinking about tackling in 2018? Interested in joining me in a month of TV-free exploration?! Would love to know in the comments below.

Simply, Becky

Creating a Season of Rest


This past weekend my husband surprised me with a little getaway — only 35 minutes down the road to this amazing regional park cabin! If you’re familiar with most state or regional park cabins, they can be far from glamping, but these, these are downright elegant! They’ve won multiple design awards and I can see why. They’re incredible inside and out and make you feel like you’re suspended in the trees! My husband booked these a year in advance for an available weekend, but they’re hands-down worth the wait.

We went sledding, a long walk in the woods, and sipped drinks while playing a game and listening to some Christmas jazz in the evening. The cabins come equipped with high-speed wifi, so yes… glamping. We’re not huge game people, but we get a kick out of playing a game together every once and a while, especially in a cool tree house like this!

During this crazy season, it’s good to take a little time to rest. Recently, I’ve been sitting on the floor in the evenings with a good book and candles while looking out over our little apartment complex, which I think looks like a little ski village in the winter. What’s your favorite way to relax during this nutty month?

Simply, Becky